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Diving Career: Becoming a Professional

     Recreational scuba diving has become with the years not only a fashionable outdoor activity, but also a real potential for career seekers. Since the mid nineties, thousands of divers have become dive professionals on a part time or full time basis, fulfilling the needs of an ever growing recreational scuba diving industry.
     The path to become a dive professional is generally similar in the different training agencies, and it will take a certified diver from an advanced level towards leadership level through rescue and first aid / CPR training. What will vary is basically the number of dives required to achieve a leadership level and more importantly, who is teaching you.
     We can never repeat enough to divers and career seekers to check the background of their trainers beforehand. A lot of so called "pro courses" are run by instructors with little or no leadership background, usually run on a "shoe string" as budgeting is the major concern for both these facilities/trainers and their leadership candidates. The current trend has become "The cheaper the better!" We heartily disagree with this philosophy.
     All of us are concerned about paying the right price for what we are getting. But let's take an example from another area. What would you prefer: to buy a cheap computer in a supermarket, with a keyboard falling apart within weeks and a sticky mouse refusing to respond to your commands? Or to buy a more reliable computer, in a professional shop, certainly more expensive, but avoiding the stress and headache of a bad purchase.
     Scuba diving follows the same rule of "You get what you pay for." The big difference is that in the computer case, your personal safety is not an issue. With diving, the safety techniques you learn will make diving a safe and enjoyable experience for you, your buddy, and your future students. "Safety above all" is the best philosophy to follow in diving, and this starts with getting proper training from experienced instructors at every level of your training.

     It takes time, commitment, safety awareness, and a lot of experience to train a good dive leader and a good instructor. You should be looking for those qualities in the educator who will train you to become the dive professional of tomorrow. Your trainer should not only be "the one who guides you through the materials", but the model, the mentor, who will show you the path of safety guidelines and diving enthusiasm, which you will pass on the divers under your supervision and your future students.
     It has taken time, commitment, skill and knowledge development for your educator to get to that level of achievement and to train you to the best you can be. This is what you are paying for!
     And like any quality product and/or service on this planet: It is not cheap and should not be.

     We have been training dive professionals since 1990. Our team is formed with experienced dive educators, who not only are among the best in their field, but also have other skills and knowledge, which are essential for the dive professionals of the third millennium: business, management, computer, internet, education, technical knowledge, public relation, pedagogy, safety and rescue skills to name a few.
We have developed very comprehensive and intensive training, designed not only to train but to educate divers in the difficult path of being responsible for the safety of others, still emphasizing the fun and exciting aspect of our activity.

     We guarantee that our graduates will not only be good and safety oriented dive leaders and instructors, but they will also get a broad view of the diving industry, to ensure their thorough understanding of what they will be dealing with.

Thorough Training is for Life

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